about me

A multi-faceted creative director, I am driven by creative problem solving. No project is too big or too small, only the next challenge to be met with my own blend of strategic thought, visual acuity and penchant for communication. With this balanced approach and the know-how to get things done, I have brought a wide variety of projects to life for some of the world’s most beloved brands.

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Brand Development

Defining all the parts and pieces — bringing the essence of a brand to life for instant recognizability and consistent execution is for me, where it all begins…

Madeline Licensing Style Guides (DIC Entertainment)
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From websites, to display ads, to social media, finding the balance between design and functionality is the sweet spot for which I strive.

Website Takeover Page, Climate Strike Campaign (SeventhGeneration.com)
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Marketing Communications

The catalog in the mail, the retail display, the print ad or television spot and even the free little tchotchke — each and every tactic, trade or consumer based, deserves the same attention to detail as the next…

Feature Film Assorted Marketing Tactics (American Girl)
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Product & Packaging

I simply love product! There is no category, soft-lines or hard-lines, no distribution channel from mass market to specialty and no age range that is off limits…

Spa Wraps Packaging, Mass Market (Evriholder Products)
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With several years of architectural studies under my belt, I am always eager to take on spatial projects from residential to retail and everything in between…

Cake Boss Cafe, Times Square (Discovery Communications)